What to expect

The next written courses are:

29th – 31st August 2024, Price: £400
6th – 8th February 2025, Price £450

This is a three day course which gives candidates chance at answering several Constructed Response Question (CRQ) papers and Single Best Answer (SBA) examinations as well as multiple shorter sessions with half papers and sessions on question planning/ layout and CRQ/SBA discussions.

The feedback sessions are highly interactive utilising Mentimeter™ as well as radio-frequency student response system; CPS Spark™. eInstruction’s CPS™ and Response™ software offers an easy-to-use anonymous interface that makes it simple and intuitive to compare and contrast your progress throughout the course.

As the college is continuing with digital written papers, LeedsCrammer has adjusted this course to meet the expectations of candidates who want practice with digital interfaces and we now conduct the majority of questions digitally. It is important to bring your own laptop/ tablet to the course to ensure you get the most out of the learning experience.

While stressing the importance of technique throughout each day, the amount of content areas covered is considerable and every question will be covered in feedback sessions led by the faculty.

The course content is aligned with the exam curriculum, and the question bank for each course is constantly updated to reflect the evolving style of exam questions and recent changes in national guidance.

An example of the course timetable is outlined below: